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SIME-STROMAG Service Brakes

Renold Australasia offers three ranges of SIME - STROMAG INDUSTRIE designed electromagnetic brakes - CA, 5D and 600 Series.

These spring-applied brakes are designed for intense cycles and tough operating conditions. Torque ranges from 50 to 8,000 Nm with standard disc diameters. All three types are fitted with an automatic wear compensation thus ensuring optimum performance and low maintenance.

Electromagnetic Type


CA range of disc brake calipers are spring-applied electromagnetically released. Failsafe in operation and designed to withstand the harsh environment of steel plants.

The CA range is ideally suited to heavy-duty applications within the steel industry.


range of disc brake calipers are spring-applied and electromagnetically released. The ideal failsafe caliper for long travel braking on port cranes and steel works applications.


600 range are spring-applied electromagnetically released failsafe disc brake calipers for cranes, conveyors and general purpose applications requiring less than 150 operations per hour.

Hydraulic Type

Brake 58

T range with the exclusive HYDROSPRING  system provides exceptional torque stability ideal for hoisting and conveyor applications.  The unique design allows for a greater control of the braking torque.  Torque range 500-17000 Nm.

Conveyor Type Brakes

Brake 58

Our range of disc brakes covers the requirements of both high and low speed locations on conveyor applications with controlled deceleration capability suitable for downhill conveyors.

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