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Sugar Conveyor Chain

Cane Carrier Chains

Cane Carrier Chain is used in the second operation within a sugar mill.  The cane is fed onto the conveyor which is usually sized to match the mill roller width and operates as corrugated overlapping slat conveyors.

Two or three stands of chain is normal in such conveyors with the corrugated slats bolted on to the K attachments with angle cleats at intervals to prevent cane slippage. The chopping of the cane on these conveyors syntax can cause problems in that juice and chopped cane, together with contamination from sand etc, attack the chain.

Product Description - This chain is interchangeable in all respects with corresponding products supplied to the Cane Sugar Industry by other established manufacturers.  It is estimated that this range covers up to 80% of main and auxiliary carriers worldwide.  Breaking loads range from 31,800 kgf to 63,500 kgf (70,000-140,000 lbf).

The advantage Renold has over all other competitors is experience.  As the orginators of the bush roller chain in 1879 and being the first company to incorporate these features for cane carrier applications during the 1920's, we are uniquely placed to offer the finest products for carrying cane from the yard to the first mill.

Materials, heat treatment and design have been developed to ensure optimum chain life and maximum value for modest cost.  Grease gun lubrication through the chain pin is available on request and heat treated stainless steel pins, bushes and rollers can be supplied.

Bagasse Carrier Chain

Bagasse (the residue of milled cane) has a small amount of sugar left in it, contains approximately 50% moisture and is a substance that will easily burn.  This residue is used as a fuel for the sugar mill boilers to make steam to drive turbines producing the mill's electricity.

These conveyors are usually of a scraper construction carrying away the bagasse directly to the boiler input chutes or into a separate bagasse store.  In some cases the conveyor will also double up as a bagasse return conveyor.  If not, a separate return conveyor will have been installed.

Product Description - Using the same round components as the cane carrier range, these chains provide the capacity to meet the majority of bagasse conveying requirements.  They are available with straight plates or cranked plates, except R.9063 which is produced with straight plates only.  Although two standard roller sizes are available, other diameters are available on request.  Additionally, stainless pins, bushes and rollers can be supplied.  the lug and flight attachments are spaced accordingly to individual requirements.  All the chain components are replaceable.

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