• Port Cranes

Renold Australia can supply two different technologies of SIME STROMAG disc brakes which can be “Hydraulic” or “Electromagnetic” for port application. The SIME STROMAG brakes are designed to give hard and corrosive atmosphere resistant under arduous condition.

- Disc brakes FAV range
- Disc brakes SH15 emergency caliper
- Disc brakes 5D caliper for port cranes
- Disc brakes SH5 emergency caliper
- Disc brakes SH25 emergency caliper

Port Cranes

  • Wind Turbines

SIME STROMAG has designed two ranges of disc brakes adapted to the rotor and yaw for every machine power level of up to 5MW.

- Disc brakes BCH caliper for windmills
- Modern wind turbines
- SHD7 caliper for windmills
- 1500kW Nordex wind turbine

Wind Turbines (1)

  • Mining / Conveyor

With its CRD®module, the braking is made with a constant deceleration whatever the load to brake.

- CRD® Regulated braking for downhill conveyors

Mining Conveying

  • Others

SIME STROMAG provides high capacity brakes for hoist motions, integrated braked motors and limit switches for a complete supply of products for which performance and convenience go hand in hand.

- Vertical lift in China
- Sydney Opera House
- Huisman itrec drilling rig
- 2TY5 caliper with CRD module