Service Brakes

Renold Australia offers five ranges of SIME STROMAG INDUSTRIE designed electromagnetic and hydraulic service brakes. 


These spring-applied brakes are designed for intense cycles and tough operating conditions. Torque ranges from 50 to 8,000Nm with standard disc diameters. All three types are fitted with an automatic wear compensation thus ensuring optimum performance and low maintenance. 

  • CA2 Range - Service Brake

The CA2 range was designed initially to equip the iron and steel cranes with heavy actuations, ensuring safety and reliability for dynamic braking. 

CA2 Service Brake    

Benefits include:

-        Braking torque 665-8040Nm

-        Disc Ø445 to 995


  • 5K/5D & 45K/45D Range - Service Brake

Compact and simple to adjust, the 5D/5K brakes are the smallest electromagnetic brakes of the range. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically / whatever the application and they can operate up to 600 cycles (actuations) per hour. Based on the design of 5K/5D brakes, the 45K/45D complete the range of electromagnetic service brakes. 

5K 45K Service Brake 

Benefits include:

-        5K braking torque 48-552Nm

-        45K braking torque 287-1188 Nm

-        Disc Ø315 to 625

  • 600 Range – Service Brake

This economic range is composed of the 660, 650 and 645 brakes. The 660 brake can be mounted with discs thickness of 15 mm and the 650/645 with discs thickness of 15 and 30mm. 

 600 Service Brake

Benefits include:

-        Braking torque 33 – 1104Nm

-        Disc Ø 175 to 625



  • T Range - Service Brake

With the “T” fail-safe range, the braking torque is obtained thanks to its exclusive HYDROSPRING system which offers incomparable braking torque stability. The T range can be used on cranes to handle heavy workloads and assembled with different types of options to suit customer applications.

T Range Hyd Service Brake

Benefits include:

-        Braking torque 775 – 17 300Nm

Disc Ø 445 to 995

  •  FAV - Service Brake

FAV brakes are fail-safe hydraulic brakes, closed by spring application and opened with an electro-hydraulic thrustor


  • Port hoisting  and handling
  • Steel industry
  • Mines
  • Multi-purpose cranes

FAV disc brakes are designed for heavy duty operation. Those brakes are used on large cranes, where braking torques are rising with the increase of crane capacities.

The service brake type FAV is a fail-safe brake with spring application and thrustor release. Reliability, safety and sturdiness are the main characteristics of this brake:

An automatic wear compensation system and lining pads and automatic re-centred lining pads ensure a stable braking torque as well as reduced lining wear involve braking torque stability and reduce linings wear. Thrustor stroke and opening monitoring switches ensure operation safety. Stainless steel pins, seawater and dust protection enable intensive braking cycles.

FAV Service Brake

Benefits include

-        Robust and reliable design for intensive operation

-        Braking torque stability

-        Longer life of the linings

-        Optimal safety

-        Easy and fast setting of the braking force

-        Easy monitoring of the spring condition

-        Manual release system