AGMA Gear Couplings

Renold Ajax carries a full line of standard gear couplings that conforms to the AGMA gear coupling specification number.

They are offered in o-ring or metal seal designs, and include quality features such as fitted bolts, crowned and barreled teeth with tooth tip piloting, and forged steel components.

The Renold Ajax metal seal design coupling uses a unique method of seal retention that will not allow the seal to separate from the ring gear during operation. This seal design also allows a metal seal ring gear to easily be converted to an o-ring seal configuration and back to metal seal if needed.

Renold Ajax standard couplings also include a line of D- and DS-Series high misalignment couplings that are capable of operation at up to 6 degrees misalignment. The D-Series couplings use a piloted flange for connection while the DS-Series couplings have a detachable sleeve for connection in applications with a diameter restriction such as levelers.