VF Coupling

The highly flexible VF coupling has been designed for diesel engines that are mounted separately from the marine gear and which can be placed on flexible mounts. These flexible mounts provide optimum isolation of the vibrations of the diesel engine from the hull.

The VF Coupling can dampen torsional vibrations, tune the torsional response of the system and absorb the unavoidable substantial misalignments between the engine and the gear, it is specially suitable for high speed diesel engines with SAE flywheels from 14 to 21 and for power take offs up to a torque of 18.0 kNm. 

The standard range comprises

  • Flywheel to shaft
  • Shaft to Shaft
  • Flywheel to flange

Flexible Mounts

Renold Hi-Tec Couplings can also supply a large range of flexible mounts to be used in conjunction with the VF Coupling, please click on the email icon below to email us your application details. 


  • Radial removal of rubber elements
  • Low linear stiffness
  • High misalignment capability
  • Zero backlash
  • Noise attenuation
  • Tune the torsional response of the system


  • Allows rubber elements to be changed without moving driven or driving machine
  • Achieving low vibratory loads in the driveline component by selection of optimum stiffness characteristics
  • Allows axial and radial misalignment between the driving and driven machines
  • Eliminating torque amplifications through pre-compression of the rubber elements
  • Giving quiet running conditions in sensitive applications by the elimination of metal to metal contact
  • Achieving low vibratory loads in the driveline components by selection of optimum stiffness characteristics.