• Flexible Couplings Types SDD-SDDL

The SDD-SDDL coupling is a Highly-Flexible coupling which transmits the torque through a firmly fitted Elastomeric Element. It is an Inserted Element type coupling allowing for easy assembly and dismantling of the complete coupling and Cam Ring.
In the standard version, the SDD coupling is equipped with a Cam Ring and has an “A shore” hardness Flexible Element.

This coupling can be used in temperatures of between -30°C + 100°C.

Couplings SDD SDDL


  • Gear Coupling SDF

SDF range is a Gear Coupling Disc association range. They are manufactured with two flanged sleeves with internal spur gear teeth connected with a set of heat treated alloy steel fasteners and meshed with two accurately machined crow, teeth hubs; carefully studied profile and minimum float to obtain the best possible alignments.

Couplings SDF