HC Series

State of the art heavy duty helical and bevel/helical units using case hardened and ground gears throughout, 16 sizes with capabilities up to 11,000 kW.


  • Heavy duty design for high torque applications
  • Variety of unit types enables flexibility in design mounting
  • Wide ratio range gives speeds to match design demands
  • Motorised and speed reducer versions
  • Hollow and solid shaft variants allowing design options
  • Custom made units designed specifically for customer's applications

HC Series Product Features

  • Fan and water cooling are available as design and selection options to allow greater torques to be transmitted at higher input speeds.
  • Heavy duty taper or self aligning bearing are used for maximum load capacity and long life.
  • Gear cases up to size 400 are manufactured in close grain cast iron for absorption of vibration and quietness of running, all larger unit sizes are housed in steel gear cases for maximum strength.
  • All units are available with the option of output shaft, single or double extension, or hollow output for direct shaft mounting, suitable for all design options.
  • Case hardened and profile ground helical gears with involute thread profile to give maximum power transmission, smooth operation and long life, with maximum efficiency.