Flexible Disc Coupling

Renold Ajax offers a dry metallic coupling that uses disc shaped flexible elements to accommodate misalignment. As such, there are no moving parts and no lubrication is required. This allows for many years of service with no routine maintenance required.

There are other notable virtues of the flexible disc coupling. It has high torsional stiffness, no backlash and low bending stiffness. Precise connections are provided with low shaft loads on the connected equipment. The flexible disc coupling also has excellent high-speed capability.

A unique design feature of the Renold Ajax Flexible Disc Coupling is that it has a unitized disc pack. This means that all the disc and bushings in the pack come pre-assembled and do not come apart. There are no loose parts to fumble with during assembly.

The Renold Ajax Flexible Disc Coupling is ideal for remote locations where routine maintenance can be a problem for a lubricated coupling. It can also be put in locations where high ambient temperature would cause problems for a coupling with non-metallic components.