PM Series PW Type


  • "Rapid Response" lead times on standard product - available from stock components
  • High torque capacity - compact design
  • Heavy duty version - for demanding applications
  • Variable mounting - design flexibility
  • Unique Holroyd tooth form - high efficiency and product life
  • Motorised and speed reducer versions
  • Adaptability - ideal for hostile environments

PM Series - PW type - Product Features

  • Unique Holroyd tooth profile for maximum  torque capacity and optimum efficiency.
  • Sprag clutch backstop option to prevent drive reversal.
  • Speed reducer and motorised versions available suitable for use with standard IEC and NEMA motors.
  • Heavy duty taper roller bearings fitted for maximum load capacity and long life.
  • Two piece close grained cast iron gear case for strength and absorption of vibrations for quiet running.
  • Phosphor bronze wormwheel rim electron beam welded directly onto the cast iron centre ensuring maximum strength under shock load conditions.
  • Hollow and plug-in output shaft options for use as a direct coupled drive or shaft mounted directly onto the machine headshaft.

The Renold PM series - PW type unit has been designed and built to a modular form to allow the combination of other Renold products to extend the torque, ratio and speed range.  Each unit is designed for use with IEC and NEMA electric motors, with B5 and B14 flanges.