Planetary Hub Drives

Rotating cases for the movement of wheeled or tracked vehicles.

  • Static negative disc brakes, freewheel options and valves. 
  • Torques from 800 Nm to 900,000 Nm 
  • Radial load capacity up to 138 tonnes
  • Mobile machines such as mini-excavators, fruit picking machines, banana baggers, where the motor is integrated with a planetary gear unit

Dynamic Oil’s wheel hubs have reduced overall dimensions in order to optimise their ratings on self-propelled machines.


The GR 200 series wheel hub with new improved technical design features delivers a highly efficient and reliable product. Features include:

  • Improved Duocone mechanical sealing arrangement
  • High pressure shaft seal on motor
  • Improved freewheel disengagement mechanism

Planetary Hub Drive GR 200

Engineered into a “superior purpose built quality drive hub” for the small to medium hydraulic self-propelled and winch drive markets, these drives can also be utilised for many other applications including conveyor drives, hose/net reels etc, where a compact high torque/low speed drive is required.


Planetary Hub Drive GR EH

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PMP Industries range of Hub drives with output torque ratings from 7,000Nm to 90,000Nm.

PMR Wheel Drives

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PMR series gearboxes designed for the drive of wheeled vehicles

Hydrualic Planetary Hub Drives PMR

PMC Track Drives

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PMC Series gearboxes designed for the drive of tracked vehicles.

Hydrualic Planetary Hub Drives PMC

The hub drive is as above fitted with inbuilt hydraulic motor


Dinamic Oil Track Drives from sizes from 100,000Nm to 900,000Nm

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