Conveyor Sprockets

We supply and manufacture high quality sprockets to support our extensive range of conveyor chains.

Materials include cast iron and fabricated steel and sprockets can be supplied as offset or central boss design, pilot bored or with bore & keyway, tapered bore to suit taper-lock bushings, bushings & bearings for free running etc.

Sprockets are usually of three main types.

  • One piece sprockets of steel or cast iron.
  • Two piece split sprockets.
  • Sprockets with bolt-on tooth segments

Conveyor Sprockets

The vast majority of sprockets in use are of the one piece cast iron or fabricated steel design and are usually parallel or taper keyed to a through shaft. In this case it is necessary to remove the complete shaft to be able to remove the sprockets. If the sprockets and shaft have been in place for a number of years or the shaft is in hostile conditions, it may be more economical to replace the complete shaft assembly, rather than try to remove the sprockets from the existing shaft.

Where split sprockets are used it is not necessary to remove the shaft to be able to replace a sprocket. After removal of the chain, the sprocket can be dismantled and a new one assembled around the shaft. This type of sprocket is particularly useful on muti-strand conveyors where long through shafts are used. Considerable expense can be saved in sprocket replacement time.

Sprockets with removable tooth segments are particularly useful where sprocket tooth wear is much more rapid than chain wear. With this type of sprocket, segments of teeth can be replaced one at a time without having to disconnect or remove the chain from the sprockets, thus considerable expense and downtime can be saved.


Available materials & options:

  • Cast Iron or Fabricated Steel
  • Hardened Teeth
  • Machine Cut or Profile Cut Teeth
  • Solid or Split Body
  • Segmented Tooth Rims
  • Traction Wheels
  • Special Materials for additional Abrasion, Shock & Corrosion resistance
  • Bore mounting options to suit every application