Welded Steel Conveyor Chain

The Renold range of engineering class chain includes a complete line of welded steel mill and drag chains. 

The quality and performance of our welded steel chains have been the industry standard for decades.

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Type W

ACE Ultra chains are normally of cranked link construction. The pins have a press fit into the side plates, thus eliminating unnecessary wear due to pin movement. Accurate punching of the plate, automated machine welding and assembly of the bushes to side plates ensures high quality and dimensional control. Steels of medium carbon grades are used for pin and plates and may be heat treated to produce greater strength and wear resistance. Bushes are of carburising grades of carbon steel which may be case hardened.

Type WD

Welded Steel Drag ChainType WD ACE Ultra drag chains are furnished with heat treated pins and formed steel bushes. The bushes are shaped to provide maximum conveying capacity, shock resistance, toughness and higher yield strength in bending than many comparable cast and other welded links.

Precise press fits of the pins in the side plates and single flats milled on the pin ends prevent unnecessary wear due to pin movement. Pins and side plates are made of medium carbon steels. Bushes are of carburising grade steels which are case hardened on the heat treated chains.

Accurately punched holes and assembly procedures ensure dimensional control. The flexibility of welded construction provides a wider range of attachment links than is normally offered for similar cast chains.